[NKS prod 137 / Sociopath Recordings (sociopath 010) - 2014]

all MP3 in 320kb
ZIP = all tracks + full size front cover + infos

1. Self Cannibalism Causes Peptic Troubles

2. Septembre et cendres (Camille RMX)

3. Allemagne-Frankreich Dub

4. Lil' and Lily

artwork : Manshaman

"In 2010, Porion released his first ep on NKS International Muzakilabel as a co-release with Sociopath Recordings. Sociopath / NKS co-release once again 4 years later for this 6th ep. Music is quite different with a better work on textures and noise synths, slow beats most of the time instead of breakcore/dnb/speed beats, but dark & heavy & mashup as usual.
Long live sociopaths worlwide united !"


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