PORION & friendz - Blast Broken Black
[NKS prod 136 / Coma Recordz (CR#46) - 2014]

all MP3 in 320kb
ZIP = all tracks + full size front cover + infos

01. Bring A Blam Blam (vs LKJ)
02. Kikawitubitchu Meets Radikal
03. Ruin U, Cunt (vs Azealia Banks)
04. Proud To Be Black Metal
05. Krotok Morvax Predikator - Alatakmek (Porion RMX)
06. Psykoxxx - Hell On Earth (Porion RMX)
07. Baconhanger - Black (Porion RMX)
08. Tooth Eye - De Geso Desu Masume Aoi Aoi (Porion RMX)

"Transition ep after "Mein Porion ist Sick" story made of 4 eps (2010-2013). This 5th ep was released at the end of 2013 on our friend netlabel Coma Recordz, now available on NKS.
Everything started black. Back to black once again."
Otto Psy [NKS International]