[NKS prod 73 - 2012]

01. Machinery ogg mp3
02. Urban Jungle Life ogg mp3
03. Cold Days ogg mp3
04. Lonely Nights ogg mp3
05. Curse ogg mp3
06. Epiphany ogg mp3
07. Fear ogg mp3
08. Shaterred Dreams ogg mp3
09. Broken Promises ogg mp3
10. Shock Doctrine ogg mp3
11. Camouflage ogg mp3
12. Fragile Existence ogg mp3
13. Denial ogg mp3
14. Bullets Open Wide ogg mp3
15. Genocide ogg mp3
16. Curiosity ogg mp3
17. Generation In Crisis ogg mp3

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"New World Order" is the first full-length album by Cold Metal Future. Kanza from Bassookah (check NKS prod 54 & 65) & Max Force created their new project last year, a drum'n'bass act from The Netherlands as they say. Not a lot of groove in their music, but a cold metal feeling, real guitar sometimes, rough sound, minimalist compositions, prominent bass & old skool jungle beats. A journey through the cold days of war, genocide & crisis in Occidental World Order. In the end, a really original combination of sounds and feelings."
Otto Psy [NKS International]