BASSOOKAH - Drum'n'bass Grindcore Commando
[NKS prod 65 - 2011]

01 Intro - In Command ogg mp3
02 Give Me A Break ogg mp3
03 Return Of The Alien Pigs ogg mp3
04 Back Off ! ogg mp3
05 Survival ogg mp3
06 Typical Summer Smash Hit Single ogg mp3
07 Harsh ogg mp3
08 Feasting On Mickey Mouse's Cadaver ogg mp3
09 Zero Zero One ogg mp3
10 Emo-A-Go-Go ogg mp3
11 Scratch Me If You Can ogg mp3
12 Art Of Violence ogg mp3
13 Groove ogg mp3
14 Monsters Are Coming ogg mp3
15 Disintegrate ogg mp3
16 Satan Loves You Not ogg mp3
17 Head First ogg mp3
18 Baracoa ogg mp3
19 Darwin ogg mp3
20 Unbreakable - Outro ogg mp3
21 Shellshock [FluiD remix] ogg mp3
22 Destabilize [ft Black Saturn] ogg mp3

artwork :

Monsieur Wong

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"Do you like to dance ? This is Jungle Drum'n'bass ! Do you like to fuck with pigs from space ? This is grindcore ! If you like both, Bassookah is all you need !
22 traxxx and 25 minutes, they are back on NKS International for our greatest pleasure. Aliens pigs, Darwin, Mickey Mouse's Cadaver, Emo folk & Satan are some of the main characters while disintegration, groove, violence, destabilization & survival are some of the main occupations.
I'm not afraid to say that Bassookah gives us some solutions to save the human race. Thank you so much guys !"
Otto Psy [NKS International - june 2011]