The dirty secret of tripple penetration
[NKS prod 131 - 2014]

all MP3 in 320kb
ZIP = all tracks + full size front cover + infos

1. I Want All Your Drugs!
2. Hash Metal
3. Jungle With Moscitos
4. Polinesian Polyphonia
5. This Is Pizdiec

THE SOUND OF THE FOX is super successful mega-talented world famous electronic musician™ based in Barcelona©.
Bringin' you the most COOL© vibes, droppin' the SHIZE and makin' the SOUNDZ® in the same time.
The project started when super gifted musician Victor B. met the GOD® himself and was told to start the musical PROJECT that will save HUMANITY™ from Mass Mozofakin' Destruction© ( MMD® ) (you can see an example of Mass Mozofakin Destruction© ( MMD® ) in the movies like : The Last Days, The End Of The World and Attack The Block ). So the GOD® said: "take your computer i bring da noize that will show da path of PLEASURE® for HUMANITY™ !" You can describe the music of The Sound Of The Fox as "magnificent", "hilarious" and "amazing".