TALIXZEN - Non Komical Sessions
[NKS prod 78 - 2012]

01. The Sun Once Again Shines mp3
02. What Exactly Is Jungle Anyways ? mp3
03. The Olde Jungle mp3
04. And Now For Something Else mp3
05. Is This Some Kind Of Joke ? mp3
06. Disgruntled Non-Postal Worker mp3
07. Do Not Touch Me ! I Am Dancing ! mp3
08. Man Made Of Meat mp3
09. Heart Attack Killing Breaks (with Doork) mp3
10. Frazzled Fraggles mp3
11. Practice Practice Practice mp3
12. DJ Reality - Cobra (Spitting Fire mix) mp3
13. The Axel Foley Theme (Funcore mix) mp3
14. 365 Days Of Glitchy Noisecore mp3
15. Imperial March Of Doom ! (with 16AJ) mp3
16. Leadbelly - Good Morning Blues (Broken mix) mp3

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"Here is a compilation of songs made between 2009 & 2012 by TalixZen from Toronto / Canada.
The crazy man seems to be really addicted to amenbreaks, nervous BPM & sample deconstruction. He composes jungle breakcore in all its forms or so.
"Imperial March of Doom !" is into classical martial jungle, "And Now For Something Else" is a jazzy jungle breakbeat track, "Is This Some Kind Of Joke ?" is a kind of nintendocore mixed with ragga & metal, "Do Not Touch Me ! I Am Dancing !" is a stupid (a bit hard to) dance music song, "365 Days of Glitchy Noisecore" is glitchy noisecore, how did you guess ?!, "Disgruntled Non-Postal Worker" is a dubstep grime track, "Good Mornig Blues" is a very old blues song remixed...
Breakcore kaleidoscope rulz !"
Otto Psy [NKS International]