S.T.H. - Latino wanna be
[NKS prod 66 - 2011]

1. S.T.H. - No importa ogg mp3
2. S.T.H. & 8dtx - dB4000 ogg mp3
3. S.T.H. - Fundamental ogg mp3
4. S.T.H. & 8dtx - Abuse Autorita ogg mp3
5. S.T.H. - Doom 23 ogg mp3
6. S.T.H. - Dub Q-01 ogg mp3

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"Colombian-german producers S.T.H. are focused on drum'n'bass but they like to experiment using all of their musical influences.
They started playing in Colombia in the metal band Occisor and decided to create in 2004 an electronic project involving music and visuals.
They released few tracks on their own label X-Tractor and here is now a 6 tracks NKS ep - urban, dark and corrosive, bringing us to trance for Evil's sake. So delicious !"
Otto Psy [NKS International]