[NKS prod 89 - 2012]

1- Welcomer mp3
2- Disconnect mp3
3- Chaos Step mp3
4- Rukus mp3
5- Fiftysixin'! mp3
6- I Don't Give A Shit mp3
7- Worlds Apart mp3
8- Noistruct - Exile (Sick Circuit Remix) mp3
9- Hell Breaks Loops mp3

all mp3 in 320kb

artwork : Samantha Maroney

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"Digital hardcore once again on the NKS, but from the southern hemisphere this time. Here is the 9 track debut ep by Sick Circuit from Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. The project created by Wils Evy started few months ago. Wils is also a member of the metalcore band The Greenroom Massacre. Fans of Atari Teenage Riot / Ministry / D-trash / techno industrial punk, you should appreciate their fresh and promising sound. We need more sickness in the circuit, long live the Sick Circuit ! "
Otto Psy [NKS International]