SAćAN - More About Death
[NKS prod 55 - 2010]

1. Fallen Angel mp3

2. More About Death mp3

3. Irreversibility mp3

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"SAćAN is by now inside the body of a young russian man. Not a surprise. Russia already gave us Ivan the Terrible, Bakunin, Stalin & Putin.
It is our great pleasure to announce that he is playing loud breakcore, speedcore & darkstep crazy tunes. Check his other releases on Peace Off Digit (FR), Acid Samovar (RUS), Sustained (UK), Foulplay (USA), Monstersound (RUS), Mindsaw (USA), Black Hoe (HU), Wicked Area (RUS), Rus Zud (RUS), Deadpixel (BLR), Distortion (UKR), Deadlines (RUS) & Cuntroll (RUS). Feel free now to listen & download his last compositions, and do not hesitate to spread the Evil muzak worldwide.
Oh Lord, Russia will save us once again !"
Otto Psy [NKS International]