Straight Edge Trustafarians Cuts Vol. 2 : Die Trustafari !
[NKS prod 94 - 2012]

all OGG in 350kb / all MP3 in 320kb
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1. The Bastard is Back!!
2. Die Trustafari's!!!
3. Cum Shot Lover

"Mind your ears, trustafari ! Some noisy breaks from Halifax, UK, by Rat Bastard aka. Thaddius Cunt aka. Kamikaze Deadboy.
This is part 2 of Straight Edge Trustafarians Cuts : Die Trustafari ! Distorted amens, reggae punk cuts or silly vocal samples should bring you to extatic pain. But if you are a long term unemployed hippy with money from daddy on your bank account, you will probably be dead at the end of the listening.
I recommend to the alive audience not to forget to check part 1 and to listen to his older releases on gorgeous netlabels such as Sociopath, Sirona, Rus Zud, Dramacore or Vaatican. "
Otto Psy [NKS International]