PSYKOXXX - The Martian Venus Goddess
[NKS prod 111 - 2013]

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00 beginning
01 they were 4 and 1
02 madness chapter 1
03 vilain méchant
04 hell on earth
05 megalopoly
06 sunz of mars temptation
07 leviathan orkestar parade
08 drugged slavery
09 esoteroth decadence
10 pagan trance to the goddess
11 earth resistance
12 final bloody battle
13 exodus

"Psykoxxx is a side project of Batard Tronique. This second release on NKS is a personal form of darkstep and a kinda space opera.
The Martian Venus Goddess hates human beings "vilains méchants". Battles rage for a long time. Her troups bring hell on planet earth. Who win the war ?"
Otto Psy [NKS International]