PSYKOXXX - Headshot
[NKS prod 62 - 2011]

1. I Ain't (feat. Buddahman) ogg mp3
2. Gimme My Drugs ogg mp3
3. He's A Dog (feat. Buddahman, Sonny Black & Kove) ogg mp3
4. Dread Selector ogg mp3
5. Rudies Running (4 My Homies Remix) ogg mp3
6. Destruct Yourself ogg mp3
7. The Dream Recluse (feat. Suicide J) ogg mp3
8. Mommy Did It (feat. Zikanis) ogg mp3
9. The Future ogg mp3

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"Psykoxxx aka Batard Tronique mixes hard electronics -darkstep drum'n'bass- with rap vocals or metal guitars & vocals.
It seems he wants to create the atmosphere of the next generation war.
Who knows who'll fight ? Who knows what for ? Who cares ?
Be sure Psykoxxx would give my life to save his skin ! Life is a serious game. Who wants to die ?"
Otto Psy [NKS International]