OHMEGA SIR - Vide futur
[NKS prod 68 - 2011]

1. rokketfuel 20se7en ogg mp3
2. rubbish junglist shit ogg mp3
3. offbeat soundbwoy ogg mp3
4. charenton ogg mp3
5. i feel fine, honest ogg mp3

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"From Glasgow - Scotland, Ohmega Sir produces powerful jungle breakcore with some gabber & ragga inside.
He is a masterchief in micro-deconstruction of sounds, syncopated beats & epileptic explosions. He is also invincible, but not schizophrene, he feels fine.
Punx said "no future", cyberpunk Ohmega Sir says "empty future", tell me what's the difference, man ?!
Don't forget to check his previous release on Braincore Recordings ."

Otto Psy [NKS International]