NICK R 61 - Kuhnya
[NKS prod 140 - 2015]

all MP3 in 320kb
ZIP = all tracks + full size front cover + infos

01 Hezbollah
02 Molotov
03 Chillin Killin
04 Hamas
05 Skirrr
06 Faya!

"Nick R 61 is a NKS newcomer from Russia. He already published his music on different netlabels such as Fusion netlabel, Pavillon 36 Recordings or Chase Records. One of his older album is called "Peace!", but the inspiration is quite different here. "Kuhnya" is all about violence, weapons, war and terrorism, especially in the Middle East area. Sounds of deflagration mixed with heavy cold & metallic dubstep/hip hop/dark dnb beats + oriental melodies & voices on Hezbollah, ambiental noises on Skirrr, orchestral on Chillin Killlin...
Violent death is every day life in some parts of earth. Lucky I am the place I live is more or less peaceful today. Wish U the same."
Otto Psy [NKS International]