MY GLOOMY MACHINE - Pure Core Infection Diagnosis
[NKS prod 141 - 2015 (2009)]

all MP3 in 320kb
ZIP = all tracks + lyrics + full size front cover + infos

01 - The Dark Passenger
02 - Will's Student Loans
03 - Unity Through Pain
04 - Le Laissez-Passer A-38
05 - I'm A Fucking Emo
06 - Evilbeuce (Slayer Mix)
07 - Soft Cell - Tainted Love (My Gloomy Machine Remix)
08 - The Poors Shall Rise
09 - Where Went My Vote?!
10 - Overjoyed Drunkness
11 - Harper in the Bush
12 - Blindfolded Politics
13 - Le Sérum de la Servitude
14 - The Friendly Dictatorship
15 - Gas + Guns + Pills = Nations' Opium

"My Gloomy Machine made a furious breakcore grindcore album.
Seb Roy from Quebec knows something about DIY : he wrote, composed, played some guitar, keyboards & bass guitar, he sang explicit lyrics he wrote himself about so-called democracy and fight against economical & political leaders, he edited, mixed, produced and mastered the whole album. The least we can say is that he has many strings to his bow !
In honor of Splatterkore Reckords who stopped their activities last month [hey! actually they are not dead ! brand new release march 2016], this album is the re-release of SKFREE003 [2009] with bonus material, a new birth for good songs which deserve to conquer a new audience.
"Support the muzik Revolution! Download Freely!" and don't forget to check his more recent compositions."
Otto Psy [NKS International]