MOVING REEF - Fragment
[NKS prod 93 - 2012]

MP3 in 192kb
ZIP = all tracks + full size front & back cover + infos

1. Gift
2. Wedding
3. Chemist
4. Funnel
5. Locket
6. Bumpy
7. Residue
8. Irony

"Here is a best of 5 demo albums made from january till july 2012 by Moving Reef -Dariusz Michalak & Arkadiusz Boguszewski- from Poznan, Poland.
The project was born in january 2010 from "many various inspirations, unfinished plots and unextincted feelings, desires and passions" to quote their own words. I guess inspiration comes from bands such as The Residents or Faust & german krautrock. Ninja Tune afficionados should also appreciate these groovy beats, cool weird atmospheres & hypnotic jazz.
A perfect slow start for a new promising NKS season."
Otto Psy [NKS International]