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[NKS prod 64 - 2011]

1. Sliced Off ogg mp3
2. Black Gold ogg mp3
3. Fall Of The Masters ogg mp3
4. Become The Threat ogg mp3
5. You Like My Mushroom On My Cock ogg mp3
6. Fake Or Not ogg mp3

artwork : Dr Petiot

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"When rough metal meets hard electronics...
This amazing mixture created by the 2 men band from Lille (France)
Mind Muncher contains dubcore / harddrum / breakcore beats,
complex metal vocal work & other instruments like metal guitar,
free jazz saxophone or noise synths.
Fans of Eustachian, Drumcorps, Whourkr or Mike Patton vocal
performances, you should appreciate this really good release."

"Amateurs d'électronique dure (dubcore breakcore harddrum),
de voix et guitare métal, et surtout d'un mélange des 2 réussi,
amateurs de Drumcorps, Whourkr, Eustachian, Mike Patton...
Jetez-vous sur cette bombe volante non identifiée !"
Otto Psy [NKS International]