[NKS prod 49 - 2010]

01. PESTANA – Intro (Perú) mp3 web
02. SONORADIO – Chau (Perú) mp3 web
03. DIE PERLEN – Lost (Deutschland) mp3 web
04. DELAY TAMBOR - Pájaros de Acero (Perú) mp3 web
05. TARTARE 1 – Honk Honk (France-Perú) mp3 web
06. PESTANA – A las puertas del cielo (Perú) mp3 web
07. UNIDAD CENTRAL – Patrón Polar (Perú) mp3 web
08. ALEJANDRO LLERMANOS – White Noise Only (Argentina) mp3 web
09. NO MORE – In A White Room (Deutschland) mp3 web
10. AUTOBAHN 303 - Binarie (Perú) mp3 web
11. PLAN QUINQUENAL - Instantánea 2010 (Argentina) mp3 web
12. AUTOBOLIDO – Cinética (Perú) mp3 web
13. DJLOKURON + CHUSMACRAZY – Fish Fisting (Perú) mp3
14. EL HANGAR DE LOS MECANICOS - Aurora (Perú) mp3 web
15. CARLOS SHAW – Waiking Blind 2010 (Argentina) mp3 web
16. ANIAETLEPROGRAMMEUR - Alcool French edit (France) mp3 web
17. NINA TERRORISTA + STH – Orwell Era (Colombia) mp3 web
18. CELESTE VIOLETA & PLAN QUINQUENAL - Those Cats (Perú-Argentina) mp3 web
19. J7 - -300 (España-Argentina) mp3 web

all mp3 in 192kb
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"ola compañeras y compañeros !
Lima El3ctronica started with concerts in Lima, the capital city of Peru.
It is now a compilation of artists from Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Germany, France and Spain released by Tacuara Producciones.
The 19 tracks are a patchwork of more than 30 years of electronic music from synthpop, EBM & techno to digital hardcore, electroclash & IDM. Next to the new generation you can find some references as the Kiel band No More which started as far back as 1979 or Carlos Shaw, pioneer of EBM in Argentina. If you like bands like Front 242, Aviador Dro, Peaches or Atari Teenage Riot, you have to listen, download and spread the south american electronic virus worlwide ! "
Otto Psy [NKS International]