Devouring The Dark Sun Live
[NKS prod 121 - 2013]

OGG in 315kb / MP3 in 256kb
ZIP = all traxx in 1 file + full size front & back cover + infos

1.01 Omega
1.02 Ytlisa 15
1.03 Sodom and Petrification
1.04 Oval
1.05 Andromeda
1.06 Aquila
1.07 Introlake B3
1.08 El Chupacabra
1.09 Cyberfuck
1.10 You Suffer
1.11 Repudians
1.12 Aquarius

"Les Neiges Noires De Laponie is the multi-headed creature of Alexandre Casademunt, known in industrial land alias " Sickbrain", or hardcore techno via his experimental project . For the IDM community, he was also the brain behind Angstprod : a pioneering platform, which, by its focus on quality, has helped to give credibility to the concept now accepted as "netlabel". Born in 2002, the project "Les Neiges Noires De Laponie" was plunged into stasis in 2006 and recently reactivated, updated with all the advances in pure computer music. Draining crystals "flashcore" (one thinks of label Hangars-liquids) in the heart of the abyss dark ambient, return "Les Neiges Noires De Laponie" exercise their power to fascinate. Tingling nano-tech, intimate exploration of matter, abstract constructions, labyrinthine tangles ... custom sound project invite immersion, the risk of loosing direction. They suggest the singing of the infosphere, that our environment is invisible, alienating, continuous."