KILLABOMB - Bomb The Ruffness
[NKS prod 70 - 2011]

1. Lost Way ogg mp3
2. 35 Years Ago ogg mp3
3. Play My Way ogg mp3
4. Sick And Destroyed ogg mp3
5. You Sick FucK ogg mp3

all ogg in 500kb / all mp3 in 320kb

artwork :
Gabriel Roldan

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"Back on the NKS ! ( Check NKS prod 45 )
I'm sure you will appreciate the evolution of the Kbomb. Plenty of new victims of his hard style should be counted. His target is somewhere between breakcore and hardcore drum'n'bass or core'n'bass crowds.
Do you wanna be exploded like I am, in the best sense of the word ?! Come and listen the Kbomb, you will not be disapointed."

Otto Psy [NKS International]