KENKO TAIJI - Please Give Me Breakcore !!
[NKS prod 125 - 2013]

all OGG in 350kb / all MP3 in 320kb
ZIP = all tracks + full size front & back cover + infos

01. MoRe BreakCoRRReee!!!

02. Can't stop

03. Please Give Me Breakcore!!

"Hey! Lovers of amen breaks & hardcore kicks, this is heavy weight breakcore from Japan.
KenKo Taiji already made eps for Mock Radar & Hormonal Vibrationz and he is back now. Vocal samples fun destruction in traxx 1 & 2. Track 3 starts with a sweet nice melody, followed by a progressive ascent until breakcore heights and comes down again.
Too short & very intense - This is life."
Otto Psy [NKS International]