IMPLΛNT - Octo Cunt
[NKS prod 138 - 2015]

all MP3 in 320kb
RAR = all tracks + full size front & back cover + bonus artwork + infos

01. You Decide
02. Losers
03. Psychedelic Old Generation
04. Pharmacology
05. XTAZ
06. Bomber Terrorist

"Will you support the next level in speedcore from Sofia / Bulgaria ?!
IMPLΛNT (Infected Manipulation Parasite Last Λbstract Noise Terror) is an activist on the net who wants to give reputation to the bulgarian speedcore scene. [ GOBSC / Uniflex ].
He changed here Octo Puss into Octo Cunt to make a kind of abstract noisecore inspired by LSD and Extazy kicks. Some psycho-trash with the speed & noise. I guess the next generation of hippies come from the east, and their music is a bit different of the one made by their elders American born. This is 21st century, guys !
Octo Cunt ep is psychedelic extreme beats in your face from the depths of your dark subconscious. Mind your ears, balls & neurons !!"
Otto Psy [NKS International]