ILL FAT LIZA - Hey, priest !!!
[NKS prod 118 - 2013]

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01 Alkotrash
02 No time for prelude
03 Zutkuktssku Super Turbo Fireball Powerful Hit
04 Deadmen or Convict
05 Illicit Sarcophagy
06 Catnip Dealer
07 Aunt Irma's Glassy Stare
08 Hey, Priest !!!
09 Second Stage Gay Converter
10 Cadaver Dog Kicks The Bucket

artwork : Ani Kur

"The project Ill Fat Liza was founded in Ufa (Russia) in 2011, the first album "Pure Silence vs. Cat Vomiting", which was dedicated to the death of dear 15-years-old cat, was released on netlabel Sociopath Recordings in 2012. The second album is called "Hey, priest !!!". The music style includes elements of breakcore, extratone, hardcore, experimental, speedcore, trashcore, punkcore, avantgarde, psychodelic reggae."