DEICIDA 69 - Vocem For Atonal Wave
[NKS prod 142 - 2015]

all MP3 in 320kb
ZIP = all tracks + full size covers + infos

vol. 1 Côte

01 Tarados Ruido Comercial
02 Lesia Ntoa
03 Bang, Gang, Bad Day
04 Elle Est Justine
05 Go To Côte
06 El Flácido Culo de Angélica Rivera
07 Your Hand In Mine
08 No Road
09 Justin Bieber Is Shemale
10 Atonal Wave
11 European, Voice, Autumn, Jazz
12 Won't Die
13 Brion Gysin

vol. 2 NTOA

01 Ridícula Kipá
02 Love Dress
03 Mi Lascivia
04 Barbichuettes Night
05 These Stories About After Revolution
06 Los Pinches Gatos Del Sistema
07 Peyote
08 Robert Frost
09 So You Want To Be...

"Deicida 69 is a newcomer on NKS from Mexico.
His double album should seduce people who likes legendary cold punk-gothic-early indus bands like Bauhaus, Psychic TV or Joy Division. One can guess a true passion for litterature and revolution : the Beat Generation writers famous for their avant-garde poetry, provocative happenings & drugs experiences or the Marquis of Sade and his sexual wanderings alongside young women somewhere between pain & pleasure. D69 is also clearly influenced by free jazz music in a few tracks. He played or programmed all instruments and recorded his own vocals in some tracks. This album is co-released with Plataforma Records (Brasil) and you can get physical copies via Cieliro Diystro (Chile).
"Vocem For Atonal Wave" is a good weird mixture of dark and revolutionnary influences reinterpreted in a personal way. Feel the power of the dark & experimental side !"
Otto Psy [NKS International]