BASSOOKAH - Music for the Basses
[NKS prod 95 - sept. 2012]

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01. The Lost Art Of Growling Like A Pig
02. Pigs Are Here To Stay
03. Pigs Need No Corpsepaint
04. Curly Tail Obliteration
05. Revenge Of The Pigs
06. Pig Anatomy
07. The Pig Apple
08. There Is Nothing A Good Pig Serial Killer Wont Be Able To Solve
09. John Deere Hijacking Pig
10. Pigney Spears
11. Swine Flu / Chemical Warfare
12. March Of The Pigs
13. Pigsty Turmoil
14. Yes, This Track Title Has The Word Pig In It As Well
15. Pig Gangbang Endorsement (ft. Amy Swinehouse)
16. Zombie Pigs Do Exist
17. Oinktastic ! (ft. Stefan "Hog Peverte" Swine)
18. Al Bore [2012 version]
19. Piggy Drum&Basscore [2012 version]

"I've just listened to the 3rd ep by Bassookah released on the NKS label, and I am a little bit confused. I could say that their amazing obsession for pigs reveals a profound mental disorder, but maybe they only have a particular sense of ridicule. Or they can be farmers breeding pigs, talking about their daily life in their electronic grindcore music ? The Bassookah 3rd ep's enigma needs to be solved, my friends. Help please, you can win a full size ham ready to eat !"
Otto Psy [NKS International]