BACONHANGER - Descensus Inferos
[NKS prod 72 - 2012]

1. Descensus Inferos ogg mp3
2. Sacrifice ogg mp3
3. Malleus Maleficarum ogg mp3
4. Demon Power ogg mp3

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artwork by Baconhanger

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"15 minutes of hard & intense electronic sounds by Baconhanger from Midwest, US.
One could say it's gabber and breakcore and industrial, but it's really special. It's still weird & extreme, even if there's a real evolution in Baconhanger's music comparing to his other releases on Bad taste or Sociopath Recordings. This ep is the soundtrack of Jesus' descent into the underworld, which appears on the front cover, from an old painting by Jan Van Eyck.
Who never dreamed of a journey into hell ?!"

Otto Psy [NKS International]