ALIEN AMNESIA - Memoirs of an Abductee
[NKS prod 133 - 2014]

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01. Another Day (Beginning of the End)
02. Bones
03. Unlawful Justice
04. Black Skies Don't Shine that Bright
05. Hospital
06. Country Road that I don't Know
07. Dead End Motel
08. Evidence

"Alien Amnesia aka Dj Port from South Carolina was inspired to make music by Avant garde metal bands. His production is a personal combination of electronic & avant garde music.
"Memoirs of an Adbuctee" could have been a short Lynchian movie soundtrack. The story is set in the 1950s in America, a time of pompadours and greasers. You can follow Johnny into his personal fears of losing his normal routine. You travel alongside his wife's bones, aboard a police car full of aliens, escaping from the hospital on a lost country road... Untill the evidence clearly appears."
Otto Psy [NKS International]