AKANI vs Dr. KØNTRA - Sex Magic Ritual Køre
[NKS prod 92 - 2012]

6 MP3 in 320kb + 1 MP3 in 256kb
ZIP = all tracks + full size front & back cover + infos

1. Sex Magic Ritual Køre
2. Not Virgin Maria
3. Hey Be Sick!!
4. Wanna See How Ya Gonna Die? (Feat. n0name)
5. Oyetumayeh
6. Beyond the Grave
7. The Clear Track (Feat. Cheap Vudu & n0name)

"Irreverent studio is a weird place in the BCN area where brutal breakcore sound terrorism meets sex magic ritual fantasy.
In 2010/11, Akani el muerto from Barcelona & Dr. Kontra Encefalisis from Mexico city composed in the studio this 7 track lp made of noises, synths, samples, guitar and vocals. nOname (Akani's partner in Stupeed) & Cheap Vudu joined their force to build "The Clear track", an extreme elektronic jam session 8:24 long. Last but not least the incredible cover illustration was made by Kamuñas.
The latino deathteam of sick irreverence is here at its best... Enjoy muchachos !"
Otto Psy [NKS International]